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Posted: 27 November 2019

With the rising popularity in tactical chassis systems amongst shooters, the market has seen a sharp rise in the number of different products available to consumers. While most will contain Read More…

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How does Velocity affect Range?

Posted: 22 November 2019

Introduction 22-250 Remington is held in high esteem in Australia for shooting small vermin.  This is largely due to its high velocity giving shooters the impression that their rounds shoot Read More…

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How to make yourself a better long-range shooter?

Posted: 07 November 2019

How to make yourself a better long-range shooter?   There are a lot of things you can do to improve your shooting and many of those things you can do Read More…

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Reloading for Long Range Shooting

Posted: 31 October 2019

Glen Roberts, the original owner of Precision Shooting, was (is) more than just an experienced and accomplished long-range shooter.  He’s a long-range shooting nerd.  When I first started doing long Read More…

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New Adler Straight Pull Shotgun – what we know

Posted: 07 August 2019

New Adler Straight Pull Shotgun The Australian firearms community was set ablaze with excitement last week, when NIOA announced the impending arrival of their latest hot product: the Adler B220 Read More…

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Precision Shooting Long Range Course 29th and 30th of June 2019

Posted: 11 July 2019

Precision Shooting Long Range Course 29th and 30th of June 2019 The course held in late June was for 3 people – Darren, Pete and Nori.  Nori is from Japan Read More…

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Lithgow Arms LA-105 Woomera

Posted: 27 June 2019

Lithgow Arms LA-105 Woomera   With the rapidly increasing interest in PRS-style shooting in Australia, the market is rich with options for long-range shooting target rifles in chassis systems. Every Read More…

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Firearms Culture – a Follow Up

Posted: 26 June 2019

Firearms Culture – A Follow up on my Video A couple of months ago I did a video explaining my beliefs regarding firearm culture.  In the video I explained how Read More…

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26 Nosler

Posted: 14 June 2019

26 Nosler   Velocity.  It kills stuff.  It flattens trajectory.  It looks good in your ballistic calculator and is what separates firearms from primitive weapons like spears and bows and Read More…

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6.5 – 284 Norma


6.5 – 284 Norma   The 6.5-284 Norma is a cartridge primarily used by target shooters due to its excellent long-range performance.  It is based upon the 284 Winchester cartridge Read More…

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Insurance policy for Firearms

Posted: 11 April 2019

Insurance policy for Firearms Insurance is meant to put your mind at ease.  If something were to happen to your property, your weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly payments to your Read More…

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A Lithgow LA102 in .300 Win Mag

Posted: 03 April 2019

So the Lithgow LA102 has been out for a little while (5 years now) and it’s an interesting gun. Taking many ideas from other reputable gun manufacturers such as Tikka Read More…

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Why So-so Reporting is So, So wrong


Why So-so Reporting is So, So wrong So we’re sold this idea that reporting is about the truth, when it’s really about emotion and selling advert space.   It’s no Read More…

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To Decommission a Cannon

Posted: 22 March 2019

Some jobs are so interesting, yet so terrible at the same time.   Earlier this year we were contacted by a client who wanted us to help him with his Read More…

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257 Roberts

Posted: 20 March 2019

257 Roberts   The old ‘quarter bore’ calibre was created back in 1934 by Remington and was based on a wildcat that was created by Ned Roberts (well, at least Read More…

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300 Winchester Magnum


300 Win Mag   Using the 375 H&H parent cartridge, complete with belt, the 300 win mag was shortened down to fit into normal action lengths and blown out to Read More…

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WAFTA Walkout on Police

Posted: 12 March 2019

Firstly, I am not writing this on the behalf of, for, at the behest of or with any association with any of the groups I talk about.  I’m writing this Read More…

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300 WSM

Posted: 06 March 2019

300 WSM   In the early 2000’s the firearm manufacturing business Winchester decided it didn’t like making guns anymore and drove its business into a wall.  If the rest of Read More…

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25/06 Remington


25/06 Remington   The 25/06 Cartridge has been around for almost as long its parent cartridge, the 30-06.  It existed for half a century as a wildcat before it was Read More…

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6.5×47 Lapua

Posted: 22 February 2019

6.5 x 47 Lapua   In 2005 the Europeans invented a 6.5 Cartridge specifically for 600 – 1000 meter matches.  It was its own case, developed to be the same Read More…

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Operation Bluesun – what you need to know

Posted: 23 November 2018

Operation Bluesun is an attempt by the Western Australian Police Force to mitigate firearms working their way into the black market and criminal hands.   The operation brief is as Read More…

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Scope Adjustments


Telescopes are wonderful inventions for firearm owners – they make a target appear much closer than it is; they give a definitive point of aim for the shooter and they Read More…

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Firearm Theft back on the Radar – Part 2

Posted: 15 November 2018

  We previously discussed the misplaced blame of firearm theft. In this blog I’d like to discuss the potential methods of theft mitigation. While the previous blog was almost pure Read More…

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Breaking Perth News: Cars Stolen

Posted: 09 November 2018

Breaking Perth News Dozens of Cars stolen from Perth properties DOZENS of potentially deadly weapons are now in the wrong hands after a spate of car thefts across Perth in Read More…

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Firearm Theft back on the Radar – Part 1

Posted: 08 November 2018

You’re 5 times more likely to die in a car accident; 4 times more likely to be bashed or stabbed and more likely to drown at the beach in Australia Read More…

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W.A. Police Licensing Enforcement Updates – By Jonlys Beaton

Posted: 01 October 2018

There are several disputes and we will post information about each of these on this website to keep our clients and interested people informed of the latest facts.   This Read More…

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Changes in Police Policy – Video

Posted: 13 August 2018

Recent changes to Police Policy affecting Western Australian license holders – please watch the video for full details.     For more information, contact us

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Police Licensing – Long Range Shooting

Posted: 15 June 2018

Police Licensing Services (PLS) are introducing new requirements for the licensing on large calibre, very powerful or ‘extreme long range’ calibres. Several of our clients have already received letters asking Read More…

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Nioa Dealer Conference for Vista


      A couple of months back, Bill, Trent and myself were invited to Nioa trading to attend their Vista Outdoors Dealer Conference at their facility in Brisbane.  So Read More…

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Police Policy Overriding Public Interest

Posted: 26 March 2018

Police Policy Overriding Public Interest The Western Australian Firearm Regulations, Schedule 3: Firearm Categories 7 .         Category D firearms  D1       a self loading centre fire rifle designed or Read More…

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40 Years – Beatons Today

Posted: 11 February 2018

    My name is Zaine Beaton and this is the final installment of the History of Beaton Firearms. In the last blog I mentioned our two great expansions.  In Read More…

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40 Years – Expansion in Perth

Posted: 17 January 2018

Beaton’s 40th – Expansion in Perth As part of our 40th Birthday celebrations I’m sharing a little of the history of Beaton Firearms and how we went from Bill Beaton’s Read More…

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40 Years of Beaton Firearms

Posted: 16 January 2018

The Stirling Ranges, photographed from Gnowangerup in Western Australia’s South   2018 – Beaton Firearms turns 40   A relatively typical story in the firearm world – a man with Read More…

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Posted: 14 September 2017

“If you can see a repair, it hasn’t been done correctly”     Firearms are a beautiful blend of craftsmanship – The finish on the metalwork, the shape of the Read More…

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Long Range – What are we missing?

Posted: 13 July 2017

Long Range – What are we missing? We are creating a rod for our own back in the pursuit of long range performance. But I may have the solution! Glen Read More…

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Licencing Policy Change

Posted: 29 June 2017

  Unacceptable Licensing ‘Amendments’   In 2003 I got my personal firearms license.  The Police were adamant that I had to apply at my local Police station (Gosnells Police Station). Read More…

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Shopping Local – A presentation for WAPA

Posted: 17 May 2017

Photo Credit:  WPIPC.  To visit their website, click HERE.   The committee of the Western Australian Pistol Association (WAPA) held their Annual General Meeting at the Whiteman Park Pistol Club Read More…

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Shots Fired!

Posted: 10 February 2017

“I don’t give a stuff about the national interest, I want to get re-elected and this needs to go away” – The late Don Randall, Member of Parliament for Western Read More…

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22 Nosler

Posted: 17 January 2017

The latest introduction by Nosler has taken a sharp detour from its sibilings.  Nosler started with the 6.5 and followed with cartridges with the same size engine but increasing bullet Read More…

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Further Licensing Issues – Police Policy

Posted: 16 December 2016

Property Letters We are encountering issues regarding property letter sizes.  Specifically, a change in policy within Police Licensing Services (PLS) on what are adequate property sizes for certain calibre firearms.  Read More…

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ANOTHER Update on the Adler

Posted: 08 December 2016

So it seems the closer we get to a resolution, the more questions arise.  Below is a quick outline of what is happening at the moment in regards to the Read More…

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Adler campaign by Nioa – Stand and Fight

Posted: 06 December 2016

Will you stand & fight?   Nioa Trading recently appealed to it’s database of members to contact their local ministers with a clear message – Don’t restrict the Adler.   Read More…

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Update on the Adler

Posted: 16 November 2016

Update on the Adler Currently, the Adler shotgun is being imported as a five shot shotgun. It is legal to license the Adler shotgun in every state in Australia.   There Read More…

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Potential Licensing Changes

Posted: 27 September 2016

There have been rumors circulated that there will be a meeting to discuss changes to the National Firearms Agreement or firearms licensing in Western Australia.  Unfortunately, specifics cannot be obtained Read More…

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Reloading for Performance

Posted: 30 August 2016

An Easier Method of Reloading for Performance While there are some financial gains to reloading your own ammunition for your centrefire rifle, the primary reason for reloading is performance.  Performance Read More…

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Posted: 02 August 2016

20 cal Squeeze bore – Part 1 A squeeze bore, or extruder firearm is one that fires a projectile that is larger than the rifling diameter of the barrel. When the Read More…

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2016 Election – Information Shooters Need!

Posted: 29 June 2016

Which Senate candidates are going to look after shooters and which ones aren’t?  I’ve spent the time to ask the hard questions and compile the following list for the benefit Read More…

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ATN Product Review

Posted: 28 June 2016

Today the team came in early for Sales Training which, this week, was run by Renae. Renae had organised a detailed information session on Groundforce products, specifically the ATN Night/Day Read More…

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Posted: 14 June 2016

THE NEW LICENSING SYSTEM – AWARENESSS TEST The process of studying for and completing the safety awareness test is the educational component for applying for a firearms license – by Read More…

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Ammunition Review – 6mm Remington


6MM REMINGTON Winchester and Remington went head to head with their 6mm introductions. Already competing with the famous quarter bore cartridge for medium game, both variants had their work cut Read More…

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Ammunition Review – .222 Remington

Posted: 31 May 2016

.222 REMINGTON The 222 Remington represents little advantage over the 223 Remington. Even though they have both been in circulation for more than 50 years, the 222 is still asked Read More…

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Ammunition Review – .22 Hornet


22 HORNET Unless you have only recently taken up shooting, chances are you have owned or shot a 22 Hornet. Chambered in rifles such as the Brno, Martini conversions, Lithgow Read More…

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Ammunition Review – 6mm BR

Posted: 10 May 2016

CARTRIDGE REVIEW – 6MM BR 6mm Norma BR is a standardised version of a wild cat that existed for some time. Remington were the first to try and attempt to Read More…

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Remington Throat Length

Posted: 03 May 2016

Remington rifles are renown for having a slightly shorter magazine than other manufacturers of 308 rifles. This, combined with a slightly longer throat, means that it is often difficult to Read More…

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Ammunition Review – .22lr Suppressor


CARTRIDGE OF THE WEEK American Eagle 22LR Suppressor! ‘Suppressors’ are prohibited in Western Australia, but that isn’t to say that the ammunition manufactured for firearms with suppressors doesn’t serve a Read More…

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Ammunition Review – 17HMR


CARTRIDGE OF THE WEEK 17HMR – Hornady V-Max The 17HMR is one of the latest rim fire cartridges available, being made this century. It immediately took off as it provided Read More…

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Ammunition Review – 6.5 x 55 SE


CARTRIDGE OF THE WEEK 6.5 x 55 SE The USA gun market are finally catching on – the 6.5 is an excellent projectile. It only took them 106 years after Read More…

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Ammunition Review – .30-06 Springfield


CARTRIDGE OF THE WEEK .30-06 Springfield The 30-06 Springfield needs little introduction. Invented in 1906, this cartridge was used during both World Wars and countless sporting rifles. To date it Read More…

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Ammunition Review – .243 Winchester


CARTRIDGE OF THE WEEK 243 WINCHESTER Introduced in 1955 by Winchester, the 243 Winchester was quickly found to be an excellent cartridge. In the same year Remington came out with Read More…

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Ammunition Review – .338 RUM


The Remington Ultra Magnum cartridges are quite popular for such a high performing offering. The 338 RUM perhaps isn’t as popular as the 300 RUM or 7mm RUM, due in part Read More…

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Changes to Firearms Licensing in Western Australia

Posted: 05 April 2016

Western Australia Police Licensing Services recently emailed us with some information regarding changes to the licensing system in Western Australia.     “On 29 April, 2016 the new Licensing and Registry Read More…

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Review of the Sako TRG


Sako TRG 42     Sako is a well-known manufacturer of high quality firearms.  Almost every Australian will know someone who owns a Sako 85 but it’s rare to come Read More…

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Posted: 15 March 2016

Dials and Reticules for Long Range Shooting If you want to shoot objects at long range there are two things you will need; a way of accurately evaluating the distance Read More…

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Ammunition Review – 280 Remington

Posted: 29 February 2016

.280 Remington So the 270 Winchester was invented early in the 20th century. Then, in 1957, Remington decides it can make an even better 30-06 derivative. They neck a 30-06 Read More…

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Ammunition Review – .25-06

Posted: 23 February 2016

25-06 The 25-06 is based upon the 30-06 case but shoots much smaller and lighter projectiles. This has made this cartridge excellent at long range shots on medium and small Read More…

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Ammunition Review – .22LR


  .22lr – CCI Stinger The 22 long rifle (lr) is the simple, inexpensive rim fire cartridge that everyone should have in their firearm collection. It was designed in the Read More…

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Ammunition Review – .223 Remington


  .223 REMINGTON 223 Remington is perhaps the most popular cartridge in the world, due in large to its use in a majority of armed forces and its incredible versatility Read More…

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Wildcat Cartridges to Improve your Rifle

Posted: 23 December 2015

      Since shooters have had an option of calibres that their rifles are chambered for, there has been an ongoing quest to find the perfect cartridge for a Read More…

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Optics and variables

Posted: 25 November 2015

Optical variables   Objective Lens Size, Magnification, Exit Pupil and how they affect optical performance.       In this blog I will be discussing some of the mechanics behind Read More…

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The Generosity of Strangers

Posted: 11 November 2015

      The following is a article that featured in The Serpentine Valley Crier for November 2015 –                     “Jarrahdale Read More…

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Gunsafes and Storage


  Several months ago the Western Australian Police Force ran an operation in the Pilbara region of Western Australia where a total of 224 firearm safes were checked to ensure Read More…

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Projectile Design – External Ballistics

Posted: 22 October 2015

     With competition shooters, the rules of the match often dictate what cartridge the shooter must use, but there are exceptions.  Regardless, many guns will be very similar to Read More…

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Labor’s shot at kicking the Adler goal.

Posted: 13 October 2015

  It seems the gun debate has become an issue that both sides of politics are willing to manipulate for their own benefit.   After several months of discussions, Nioa Read More…

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The Optical Triangle

Posted: 01 October 2015

The Physics of Optics There is no free lunch when choosing the right scope Three important aspects of scope design can have major effects on the image you see. This Read More…

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Canning By-election

Posted: 15 September 2015

An Important Election for Shooters The canning by- election   When Don Randall, the federal member for Canning passed away, he left vacant a position in the House of Representatives Read More…

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Guns in School

Posted: 02 September 2015

  This blog is in reference to a recent media statement which has incorrectly suggested that children have access to firearms.   The following link is to the article in Read More…

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Adler Politics

Posted: 21 August 2015

Abbott banning the Adler     On Sunday, the 26th of July, Tony Abbott announced that he was going to prevent the importation of the Adler shotgun.  This unprecedented move Read More…

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Illegal Hunting

Posted: 22 July 2015

Camels Shot in Broome   Two weeks ago a story hit the news, which I will briefly outline, of 3 camels that were shot near Broome in the Western Australian Read More…

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New Licensing System

Posted: 08 July 2015

Police Licensing Services are wanting EVERY license holder to let them know if their license details are correct or incorrect.   Later this year the Western Australian Police Licensing Services Read More…

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Adler Shotguns – Licensing in Western Australia

Posted: 30 June 2015

  There has been a lot of rumour surrounding the Adler shotguns currently under construction in turkey and due to arrive in Australia later in the year.  A lot of Read More…

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Recreational Hunting on Public Lands Update – June 2015

Posted: 18 June 2015

Earlier this week in The West Australia newspaper there is an article by Mr Daniel Mercer in regards to Hunting on Public Lands, Titled “Hunt Ban Stays”.  The following is an extract from Read More…

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ADI Rifle Powders

Posted: 26 May 2015

Gun Powder supply to Western Australia

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22.4.15 PETA against shearing

Posted: 22 April 2015

PETA have recently launched a campaign against shearing in Australia by utilising a emotive advertising featuring a little known vegan musician holding what appears to be a lamb butchered by Read More…

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28.3.15 Recreatonal Hunting Systems Report

Posted: 28 March 2015

As previously mentioned, the Upper house committee looking into recreational hunting systems has released it’s report, which can be read on the below PDF Report In march of last year Read More…

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Recreational Hunting Report 11.3.15

Posted: 12 March 2015

Committee report on Recreational Hunting Systems   Today the report by the Upper House Committee on Recreational Hunting Systems was tabled with members of the upper house, including the Hon Read More…

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Recreational Pig Hunting in WA

Posted: 09 March 2015

With the “Recreational Hunting Systems” investigation in the Western Australian Upper House reaching it’s conclusion everyone is voicing their opinion on the matter.  Lyn Bradshaw from the RSPCA and Rick Read More…

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Update to SHOT Show – Demo Sessions

Posted: 13 November 2014

Just announced – Demo sessions at the WA SHOT Show   The organizers of the WA SHOT Show have released the times for the different demonstrations and talks at the Read More…

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Firearms of “Military Appearance”

Posted: 20 October 2014

There has been a lot of talk about rifles fitted with pistol grip or chassis stocks in Western Australia recently – specifically, the Police’s readiness to confiscate firearms that have Read More…

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WA Shot Show

Posted: 30 August 2014

The First Western Australian Shot Expo   The first ever Shot Expo is coming to Perth! On the weekend of the 6th and 7th of December all of the major Read More…

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1st July 2014 – Recreational Hunting Systems

Posted: 02 July 2014

Recreational Hunting Systems   An upper house motion late last year commenced an inquiry into the potential environmental contribution of recreational hunting on public land.  The terms of reference were Read More…

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