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Ammunition Review – .22lr Suppressor

Ammunition Review – .22lr Suppressor

CARTRIDGE OF THE WEEK American Eagle 22LR Suppressor! ‘Suppressors’ are prohibited in Western Australia, but that isn’t to say that the ammunition manufactured for firearms with suppressors doesn’t serve a purpose. In order for a suppressor to be effective the ammunition must be fired at a velocity slower than the speed of sound – the sonic boom created by supersonic ammunition is often louder than the cartridge detonation itself. When a projectile velocity is reduced to be slower than the speed of sound the energy of the projectile is reduced, reducing its ability to humanely dispatch game. This new subsonic sound by Federal fires a projectile that weighs 45 grains – 12% heavier than almost every other subsonic projectile. It fires it at 970 feet per second, which is well and truly subsonic, ensuring the projectile is subsonic even when the cartridge is fired at high elevations. So low noise but generous energy levels should mean consistent terminal performance. Any rifle chambered in 22 long rifle will feed and fire this cartridge. Even though they are heavier the projectile protrudes no further from the cartridge than other 22 long rifle cartridges, meaning they will feed out of the magazine. This cartridge is definitely worth looking at as an effective subsonic cartridge.

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