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Ammunition Review – .338 RUM

Ammunition Review – .338 RUM

The Remington Ultra Magnum cartridges are quite popular for such a high performing offering. The 338 RUM perhaps isn’t as popular as the 300 RUM or 7mm RUM, due in part to the lack of projectile options, but none-the-less it is a well-designed cartridge. Designed in 2000 by shortening the 300 RUM case to allow plenty of room in the magazine for the longer 338 projectiles, the RUM is capable of reaching 338 Lapua velocities, albeit at much higher pressures.

The 338 RUM is suitable for shooting to extremely long distances with precision, due to the high ballistic coefficient of the competition projectiles offered. There is also a large section of hunting projectiles designed for large and dangerous game, including the Nosler Accubond and Partition projectiles.

Unfortunately, only Remington chamber a few select models in this high performance calibre, but many magnum length actions can be converted to take this massive cartridge. Kimber 8400 and Weatherby Mark V’s can both be converted, as can the new Weatherby Vanguard in 375 H&H, making for a cheaper parent rifle for such a build.

Federal used to load a 225 gr Accubond in 338 RUM, which at a velocity of 3020 fps has plenty of grunt to take any game in Australia. Federal chose the projectile well, as the Nosler Accubond is one of the best medium to large game projectiles available today. If you are interested in an extremely powerful, long range rifle but don’t want to invest in the extra expense of a 338 Lapua, the 338 RUM is definitely worth a look at.

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