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Changes to Firearms Licensing in Western Australia

Changes to Firearms Licensing in Western Australia

Western Australia Police Licensing Services recently emailed us with some information regarding changes to the licensing system in Western Australia.



“On 29 April, 2016 the new Licensing and Registry system for firearms will be implemented replacing the current Firearm Registry System (FRS). This will result in minor changes to the way we conduct business.


Changes that will affect licence holders are:

  • ·      All existing licence numbers will change from 7 to 8 digits, with a ‘0’ placed in front of your current firearm licence number.
  • ·      The renewal notice and licence will no longer be one document, it will be split in into two documents.
  • ·      The firearms identification card will change from white to a clear core card.
  • ·      A photograph will be obtained when submitting the original licence application.
  • ·      Renewal payments issued by the new system will no longer be accepted at Department of Transport offices or Agents.
  • ·      Only the following methods will be available for renewal payments:

• In person at Australia Post;

• Online via B Point;

• By cheque, payable to ‘The Commissioner of Police’ at the following address  

                  Licensing Services

                  Locked Bag 9

                  East Perth WA 6892


Renewals for licences that have been issued prior to 29th April 2016 are still eligible to be paid at Department of Transport (DoT) outlets.


During 18to 29 April 2016, Western Australia Police in partnership with Australia Post will upgrade communication systems between the Agencies to allow for changes to application forms and business processes.  Applications received during that period will be held until the new system is in place, creating a delay in processing those applications for at least 10 working days. It would be advantageous to inform your clients of this timeframe as their applications will be held up. If an applicant is going to apply for a licence or additional firearm using the old Australia Post application forms they need to submit them before 18th April to ensure they have immediate attention.”


Whether this will be any better than their previous attempts at  a licensing system that works correctly is anyone’s guess.  All we can hope is that it doesn’t introduce more problems for shooters.  I would recommend reading your next license renewal very carefully.  If any errors occur I would not recommend taking it up with Police Licensing Services – bring your firearm with your license to Beaton Firearms and we will get your license corrected.


–  Zaine Beaton


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