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iAiming Thermal Scopes – a first look

iAiming Thermal Scopes – a first look

iAiming “Game Changer” Smart Thermal Rifle Scopes

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Following the Williams Fox Shoot last weekend, thermal optics have become a “hot topic” (pun intended); perfect timing to introduce the latest thermal shooting optic to hit the Australian market. In close collaboration with one of our main suppliers, NIOA, iAiming have released three new thermal rifle optics that are both feature rich and user friendly, and at a very competitive price point.


All three models are built into the same rugged-built body that is fully waterproof, and powered by two 18650 batteries (that are included) to give the unit an 8 hour battery life. All units feature the same programming features such as auto-zero and all the different colour display and reticle options, they only differ in digital sensor size and magnification, with the iA-317 base model featuring a 384×288 pixel sensor and 2.7-10.8x digital zoom, the middle range iA-617 featuring a 640×512 pixel sensor and a 1.6-12.8x digital zoom, and the top tier iA-612 using the same 640×512 pixel sensor but having a 2.4-19.2x digital zoom. Naturally, being a digital zoom, each optic is clearer at lower magnifications, but the clarity at these lower magnifications is simply mind-blowing, especially considering the price.


One really innovative function these scopes all feature is their “one shot auto-zero”, which basically does what it says. Naturally, these being thermal optics, you cannot see the detail you would normally see on your typical paper target, however the thermal signature of your bullet hitting the target shows clearly, and the scope will adjust your point of aim after it registers a hit.


The most visibly impressive feature of the display would have to be the wide range of different reticles and colour palettes that you are able to use, which would all suit a wide range of applications. Another huge selling point of the iAiming optics is that they all have very simple operation, being controlled by a single button and dial, or through your phone via the iAiming app.


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Check out the video above to have a closer look at some of these features. With the zoom set at the minimum of 1.6x, this video looks at the easy-to-navigate menu system, range of reticles available, and how the different colour palettes affect the appearance of cats. If you look carefully you can also see footprints on the floor as she paces around her new friends.


So far, we are very impressed with these new products from iAiming and we are looking forward to testing these in the field and producing more content for our customers to view online. If you are interested in learning more about these scopes feel free to contact us here!


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