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The Generosity of Strangers

The Generosity of Strangers




The following is a article that featured in The Serpentine Valley Crier for November 2015 –











“Jarrahdale Volunteer Bushfire

Brigade, like all brigades in

the SJ Shire, constantly

Shaking hands

raise funds to purchase additional equipment.  Brigade members selflessly donate their time to endless sausage sizzles, tin rattles and countless other fundraising activities. Most of the money we raise comes from people in our local community who provide amazing support for all the events we organise. It came as a surprise, however, when a chance conversation between one of our members and a small business owner in Maddington resulted in a really unexpected act of generosity.


When Zaine Beaton, the manager of Beaton Firearms in Maddington, heard that our station air compressor had died (we use the compressor to check tyre pressures, blow dust out of air cleaners and truck cabs etc.), he offered to replace it.  Zaine contacted Baden Barker of Air & Power Pty Ltd in Belmont.  The two men got their heads together and decided on a suitable workshop compressor, which Baden offered to supply at an excellent price.


What’s truly remarkable about the gift is that Zaine managed to raise the funds by appealing directly to the generosity of his clients.  He sent an email to his customers, who are spread all over the Perth metro area and throughout WA. In his email, Zaine explained that the brigade needed a new compressor and asked his customers to chip in. There were no offers of incentives, no prizes, no giveaways – simply a request for help to a generous WA community.  Within a few weeks, the new compressor was paid for and on its way to Jarrahdale.


Jarrahdale Volunteer Bushfire Brigade would like sincerely to thank the management and staff of both Beaton Firearms in Maddington and Air & Power in Belmont for their incredibly generous gift.  Above all, however, we would like to thank the customers of Beaton Firearms – the sporting shooters from all over WA who dug deep and donated all the funds. Thank you! “



We would like to thank Baden Barker of Air & Power Pty Ltd of Belmont for looking after us with the price of this excellent Pilotair air compressor.  We would also like to thank all of our clients who selflessly donated to this cause with no thought of reward – this demonstrates just how socially conscious the shooting population is.


– Zaine Beaton


If you wish to comment or provide feedback on Zaine’s blog you can contact him via the email address – zaine@beatonfirearm.onpressidium.com

This email address is for contacting Zaine in direct relation to blog articles only – not for general correspondence or sales inquiries.  For sale inquiries, please visit our Contact Us page, which can be found at the top of the page.  Contact Us

Please keep in mind that these are Zaine’s personal comments – they are not a reflection of the opinions of any other staff or directors of Beaton Firearms.



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