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ADI Rifle Powders

ADI Rifle Powders

Anyone reloading ammunition in Australia will know that rifle powders have been exceedingly hard to get over the last 18 months or so.  Because they were previously abundantly available, the ADI series of rifle powders were the most frustrating to acquire in the quantities we want.

The gun powder shortage issue has several driving factors.  Right now there is only one distributor for ADI rifle powders – Winchester Australia.  But this wasn’t always so – Prior to Thales (the French company that owns the Intellectual Property of the ADI powders and is contracted by the Australian government to produce ADI powders at the government facility) spitting the dummy and gaving Winchester Australia sole distributorship of ADI powders when they thought they might lose their contract, there were several other wholesalers distributing gunpowder to firearm retailers all over Australia.

Winchester Australia have always had difficulty getting powder into WA – establishing the supply chain they have currently has taken them some time.  However, it has been announced on Monday that ADI will be using several distributors once again – the best news we have heard in ages.  One of those distributors is Nioa.

The reason I’ve mentioned this in particular is that Nioa trading used to be a distributor of ADI gun powders and always ensured WA had a supply of gun powder.  When South Australia restricted the transport of gunpowder through the state it was Nioa Trading whom invested time and money on ensuring WA could still get a supply of powder.  Nioa are reliable.

So now, WA will have two wholesalers dedicated to the distribution of ADI gun powders – Winchester and Nioa.  Where as Winchester has a powder battery in WA, Nioa will need to ship their powder via truck from Queensland to Western Australia via Northline – the only freight company in Australia that can move powder to WA due to their dangerous goods (DG) license and unique transport route through Darwin (avoiding South Australia’s onerous DG licensing restrictions).  However, Winchester still needs to charge their battery.  So while Winchester will have spurts of powder available from time to time, Nioa will have a steady supply arriving in Western Australia each week.


Regardless, this is all good news for ammunition reloaders in Western Australia.  Unfortunately it will be September before gun powder makes to WA from Nioa, seeing as though we are almost half way through the year already (scarey, I know) September will come before you know it.
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