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Police Licensing – Long Range Shooting

Police Licensing – Long Range Shooting


Police Licensing Services (PLS) are introducing new requirements for the licensing on large calibre, very powerful or ‘extreme long range’ calibres.

Several of our clients have already received letters asking them to provide more information to support their license applications.  Several clients have received letters informing them that they will have their firearms confiscated unless they provide proof they need these large calibre rifles to shoot at long range.  It’s a new policy by PLS and it’s as scary as it is vague – it seems no one knows exactly what any of this means.

So far, this is the information we have been given –


Applicants are required to prove they have adequate “Skill and Experience” with “Extreme Long Range” caliber rifles.

What calibres? – “The line starts with the .338 LAPUA. Anything that would be considered “above” that would require the extra justification”

Hunting or Recreational Shooting? Both

What constitutes Skill?  PLS can’t tell us

What constitutes Experience?  PLS can’t tell us


One of our clients received his letter on the 17th of May and responded on the 21st of May via email.  Apparently the officer responsible for reviewing this Policy change went of leave and so, as I’m writing this on the 15th of June, that client still hasn’t received a reply.


Police Licensing can’t tell us what criteria needs to be met, what experience is required or what items are recommended to be purchased to prove to licensing you have what it takes to safely shoot long range.  Because no one (that we know of) has had a response from PLS regarding their application for an Extreme Long Range rifle, we can’t even tell you what has worked in the past.


If you think you may get caught up in this policy change, we make the following recommendations;


Ensure you have had at least one high powered firearm smaller than 338 in calibre licensed prior to applying for one above 338.

Ensure you have permission to shoot on a property that is large enough to support the license of a large calibre rifle, being a minimum of 2000 acres in size.

Precision Shooting Australia provides training courses for long range shooting – being deemed competent in long range shooting by passing one of these courses will help in your application.


If you’re a long range shooter there are a few things you will need if you want to hit a target at long range.  Investing in these items will prove to PLS you have an interest in long range shooting.  These include, but are not limited to;




Kestral (or other method of gauging atmospheric conditions)

Ballistics Software

High powered optics with lots of elevation adjustment

Aftermarket stocks

Aftermarket barrels

Sandbags or other rests

Steel targets

Reloading equipment



If you have any information to add to this we would love to hear it – please Contact Us


Zaine Beaton




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