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25/06 Remington

25/06 Remington

25/06 Remington


The 25/06 Cartridge has been around for almost as long its parent cartridge, the 30-06.  It existed for half a century as a wildcat before it was standardised by Remington in 1969.


It was originally loaded as a small game calibre – only having a 1/12” twist rate.  This still allowed loading of 117 grain projectiles, but as those projectiles were constructed for use in lower velocity cartridges such has the 25-35, the projectiles were quite fragile.


Today, the 25/06 enjoys a small but loyal following from varmint as well as medium game hunters.  Projectiles as small as 75-85 grain projectiles have explosive terminal performance in rabbit and fox sized game, while 117gr controlled expansion, bonded or monolithic projectiles offer deep penetration on game with thicker hide.  Due to its slightly heavier weight range, many would argue that this cartridge has more versatility on game than even a .243 Winchester.


It’s target shooting and, more specifically, long range shooting where this cartridge falls down.  Like other .257 calibre rifles, it suffers from a very poor projectile selection.  Fortunately, though, Federal factory ammunition is readily available – we stock a round loaded with an 85gr Nosler Ballistic Tip that travels at 3550 fps, giving it a flatter trajectory than a 22-250


Both the Tikka T3x and the Savage 110 rifles are available in this high-performance cartridge.


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Left to right: .243 Winchester, .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, .25-06 117gr SP, .25-06 85gr Nosler BT

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