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Ammunition Review – .25-06

Ammunition Review – .25-06

Cartridge of the Week 25-06

25-06 The 25-06 is based upon the 30-06 case but shoots much smaller and lighter projectiles. This has made this cartridge excellent at long range shots on medium and small game. While there aren’t as many projectiles available in .25 caliber as there are in 6.5 or 6mm projectiles, there is still a wide variety of projectiles for shooting small game and larger game – unfortunately target projectiles are in short supply. As it is popular in the US, many medium weight carry rifles are available in this flat shooting calibre. Also Tikka manufacture a heavy barrel varmint model. The 25-06 is able to propel a 75gr V-Max projectile at 3700 FPS – this makes it an excellent long range flat shooting varmint cartridge, however it is also able to shoot projectiles like the 120gr Nosler Partition projectile, which is easily able to dispatch medium to large sized game. Federal manufacture ammunition loaded with soft point projectiles, but for little more expense you can get a 100gr Nosler Ballistic tip projectile. If zeroed at 100 yards it has less than 10 inches of drop at 300 yards. http://www.beatonfirearms.com.au/shop/category/25-06-rem/

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