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Insurance policy for Firearms

Insurance policy for Firearms

Insurance policy for Firearms

Insurance is meant to put your mind at ease.  If something were to happen to your property, your weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly payments to your insurance company should cover you for your loss.  But what many firearm owners don’t know is that many insurance companies do not cover firearms under a home and contents policy.  Or if they do, it’s some trivial figure like $500.


Firearms are essentially a luxury item for most Australians – like a motor bike; sports car or boat.  Many shooters take years to accumulate the funds to build up their personal collection.  Can you imagine how you would feel if, on top of the invasion itself, you were left with little compensation for your loss?  It pays to check your insurance policy.


Phone your insurance company and get it, in writing, just how much you will be compensated if your firearms are stolen.  If they don’t have a new-for-old replacement or at least an agreed or market value compensation, look at changing insurance companies.


If they do have an agreed or market value offering, make sure you get a professional valuation – you can get one from Beaton Firearms for only $50, which may save you thousands.  Because it’s not just the rifle, but the scope; rings; slings; bipods; ammunition and other accessories which you’ve forked out for over the years that you want to make sure are covered.


You can organise for your firearms to be insured through the SSAA as well.  It’s worth looking into joining, even if you never plan to shoot at a SSAA range.


Another thing worth investing into is a good safe.  Put it in a corner with the locks against a wall to prevent anyone tampering with them.  Put it somewhere a thief is unlikely to find it.  Don’t hide the keys in the house – a thief will find them.


Make sure your neighbours are familiar with your daily schedule.  Let them know when you’re going to be at work and what kind of car you, your partner and your parents drive.  If you’re going to be away from home for an extended period of time put your guns into storage at Beaton’s for a few weeks – we’ve got monitored alarm systems, CCTV and plenty of space.


If you have any other questions regarding your storage requirements please contact us.


The SSAA’s insurance brokers can be contacted through this website: https://www.ssaaib.com.au/


Our firearms storage facilities at Beaton Firearms are state-of-the-art

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