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SCSA Taipan X 223rem Pump Action Armor Black – Fixed Stock – WA COMPLIANT



Straight pull bolt & Spring assist pump action

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SCSA Taipan X 223rem Pump Action Armor Black – Fixed Stock – WA COMPLIANT




The Taipan X is an exciting evolution within the renowned Taipan rifle series by SCSA. This ground-breaking firearm combines the versatility of a spring-assist pump-action and the precision of a straight-pull bolt-action rifle into one exceptional package. As a revolutionary addition to Australia’s best-selling rifle series, the Taipan X offers unmatched innovation and performance.


Straight pull bolt

Revolutionise your shooting experience with the Taipan X’s removable straight pull bolt handle. This game-changing feature sets our rifle apart in the market. It effortlessly transitions from fast-paced hunting in challenging terrain to providing remarkable stability off the bipod for precision extended-range shots. The knurled, free-spinning bolt handle ensures exceptional grip and smooth functionality in every scenario.

Spring assist pump action

Experience reliability and reduced fatigue with the enclosed handguard action spring on the Taipan X. This innovative feature ensures consistent and dependable rifle cycling during pump action operation. Moreover, it alleviates shooter fatigue. Additionally, the consistent forward motion of the bolt carrier enhances magazine-fed ammunition feeding for uninterrupted performance.

Case deflector

Enhanced ejected case control with the replaceable glass-filled nylon case deflector on the Taipan X. This practical feature improves case management while offering essential protection for both the rifle and shooter.