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Eley Alphamax 12g AAA 32gr 25pk

Eley Alphamax 12g AAA 32gr 25pk

Please note: We cannot freight loaded ammunition, powder or primers.

Eley Alphamax 12g AAA 32gr 25pk

Eley Alphamax 12g AAA 32gr 25pk


1312 FPS

Eley’s back with a vengeance and there’s no better pig and fox cartridge on the market today than their Alphamax AAA load. Field trials have proven that shooting AAA shot size will bag you more pigs and foxes than traditional 00/SG loads. The truth is that beyond 25 yards the massive holes in the 9 pellet 00/SG pattern results in more lost game when compared with 45 pellet AAA shot loads.
Eley’s premium Alphamax 45 pellet AAA produces much denser and more even patterns, meaning more hits on target at longer ranges. The .20 calibre AAA pellets still have enough power to do the job but increase you hit rate exponentially. Compare the prices of Eley’s Alphamax AAA to what your currently paying for your favourite 00/SG and you’ll be amazed at the savings.
Switch to Eley Alphamax AAA this season and reap the rewards.

Available loads:

  • 12Ga 32gr AAA 1312fps (40 pellet)
  • 12Ga 36gr AAA 1298fps (45 pellet)



You save $2.00 (9%)!

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