Trent’s Semi-Custom Weatherby in 6mm Punchy

This rifle started life as a Weatherby Vanguard action on a fiberglass Weatherby Vanguard sub-MOA stock, but it’s the custom barrel in a custom chambering that makes this rifle unique.


The Nosler range of cartridges are all high velocity, high performance offerings that give life to Wildcatters in the firearms industry. From the 22 Nosler to the 33 Patriarch, they all offer that little bit extra *Punch* than the factory offerings.


The 24 Nosler is the 22 Nosler cartridge necked up to 6mm and shortened to allow for the use of High BC projectiles in the restricted length mags used in M4 platforms. In a bolt action rifle we don’t have to adhere to such restrictions.


We necked the full length 22 Nosler cartridge up to 6mm and made it the 6mm Punchy – named after Trent’s nic name on the field. Because Trent always planned to use Nosler RDF projectiles we lengthened the throat right out so the projectile doesn’t encroach on the powder column. Maximum powder capacity; Maximum efficiency.


Featuring a TSE barrel with a 1/7.5″ twist rate, Leupold LRP scope and custom tunable muzzle brake. At his first attempt at long range Trent hit a 10″ gong at 580 meters with the second round, and then drilled it another dozen times after that.

Trents6mmA5 3screen
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