Tikka T3X on MDT ESS Chassis

One of our most popular custom rifle displays at SHOT Expo this year was our pair of heavily customised Tikka T3Xs. Mounted onto MDTs new ESS chassis and featuring very heavy 1.25″ diameter, 405mm long TSE barrels, these were built to demonstrate several features of the chassis system, including the modifications necessary for licensing in WA, the maximum diameter of barrel that can be utilised by the chassis, and the difference in weight and balance possible by fitting a titanium shroud over the barrel as opposed to the standard steel shroud (the titanium chassis rifle with the black shroud weighs 17% less than the standard model). Also featured was the minimum barrel length requirements for SBR rifles in WA (405mm, or roughly 16″), different patterns of our in-house muzzle brakes, and Zaine’s new experimental “barrel torque” technique for stiffening barrels.


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