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Hornady .17HMR 20gr XTP 50pk


V-MAX Features: 1. Premium Polymer Tip The polymer tip increases the ballistic coefficient and improves accuracy, while also initiating dramatic expansion on impact – even at low velocities. 2. Moly-Coating Moly-coating reduces wear on your barrel and enhances velocity and accuracy. Available in several calibers and weights of V-MAX bullets. 3. Higher Ballistic Coefficient Hornady combines the sharp, pointed polymer tip with the most ballistically efficient profile for a high ballistic coeffficient. The V-MAX’s profile also provides the maximum bearing surface for added in flight stability. 4. Swaged Lead Core The swaging process allows for precise formation of the core up and around the tip, with a cavity under the tip’s stem. This allows the tip to build up energy before smashing into the core, causing dramatic fragmentation of the core and jacket. 5. Precise Boattail & Flatbase Designs Utilising the proper base design provides incredible in-flight stability for extreme long-range shooting. 17 HMR Features: 1. Hard-Hitting V-Max Technology – The polymer tip of a V-Max bullet delivers more than tack driving accuracy at long range – it also creates dramatic expansion on impact. 2. Honest 200 Yard Performance – The flat trajectory delivered by the 17 HMR makes it the most accurate long-range rimfire ever made. 3. Select Brass – The uniformity of the Hornady 17 HMR case is equalled only by ultra-expensive match ammo, and case geometry helps provide this new cartridge’s unequalled performance! 4. Propellant – The powerful new propellants available today make the 17 HMR the most accurate, hardest-hitting rimfire cartridge available.

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Hornady .17HMR 20gr XTP 50pk

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From prairie dogs to coyote and fox, the Hornady® Rimfire line of ammunition offers varmint hunters high speed rimfire cartridges. Loaded with either the V-MAX® or NTX® bullet, these loads deliver tack-driving accuracy and dramatic expansion on impact.