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HIKMICRO Firmware Update


HIKMICRO Firmware Update Available

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HIKMICRO Firmware Update Available
Update the firmware on the HIKMICRO Thunder & Panther models.

UPDATE 5.5.39
This update resolves issues of being able to zero the scopes accurately beyond 50m

To update your Thunder TH25 or TH35, download the file here:


To update your Panther or Thunder TQ50, TE19 or TE25, download the file here:
To upgrade your unit, connect your scope to your computer via the included cable, ensuring the device has wifi currently disabled.
Turn the scope on and drag the file over to your scopes location.
Turn the device off, wait at least 10 seconds and then turn the device back on. The update process should take approximately 20 minutes and will reboot the scope during the upgrade.
Check out the Thermal Upgrade Guide from HIKMICRO here:
Once this update has been completed, all further updates will be able to be performed directly through the HIKMICRO Sight App.