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BSA No1 303 British


Victorian marked.
Matching number on bolt and barrel.
All correct with bolt dust cover.
Magazine cut off.
Volley sights.
Magazine chain link.
Stacking swivel.


BSA No1 303 British


Missing top rear handguard.
Missing mag chain link and long range peep sight.
Has bolt dust cover and magazine cut off.
Has no markings on the butt socket which suggests it may have been a civilian sale from new but is marked “SA” on top of the breech.
A “WA” rack number is marked on the barrel.
Fair condition – bore is worn but clean.
Subsequent marks suggest it may have been requisitioned by the military in WWI or WW2.
Has separation mark left hand side of breech.
Barrel is marked “nitro proof” and “303” which indicates original sale into the civilian market.