Please note: Unfortunately we are not able to ship ammunition (including air pellets). Orders may still be placed for ammunition however the items will be ordered and/or put aside accordingly.

Ammunition Reloading Training Course


This course will cover all of the basics in regards to reloading metallic cartridge ammunition.

Courses are held at our premises here in Maddington.

Available on backorder


Bookings are available for the next course = TBA

This course will cover all aspects of reloading metallic cartridge ammunition.  It will cover cleaning and preparation of your cases, sizing, priming, powder charging, projectile seating, inspection of cases and documenting your reloading.  We will also cover a little theory, in regards to why to reload, what happens when you change your loading components and why this can be beneficial.


Anybody can attend this reloading course (I.E. Individuals with or without a firearm licence, with or without any reloading experience)


Please feel free to contact us for any more information, and to secure your place.