MK13 SOCOM .300 win mag

Here is our reproduction SOCOM MK13 sniper rifle, as fielded by US Navy SEALs and other special forces units in the 1990s. Chambered in .300 Win Mag, this was a particular favourite of sniper Chris Kyle.


Starting with the venerable Remington 700 long action, a heavy profile 25” Lilja barrel and fiberglass McMillan A2 stock with saddle cheek-piece rounds out the main part of this build. Navy SEALs would paint their stocks to suit their environment, but in this case we had our stock moulded with black and tan mixed into the fiberglass. For aesthetics and durability we finished the action and barrel with black Cerakote.


Nightforce scopes have always been a top choice with various US military branches, and here we used the appropriate Nightforce NXS 8-32x56mm scope.


SOCOM sniper rifles would generally be fitted with suppressors, but we opted to use one of our tunable muzzle brakes, allowing the shooter to dial in their accuracy to suit different target loads.


Approximate build price: $4500 (without scope)


DSC6919 Edit 1500px lr
DSC6921 Edit 1500px ll DSC6923 Edit 1500px lr DSC6930 Edit 1500px ll
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