M40A1 Reproduction

At Beaton Firearms, we like to pay our dues to the rifles and servicemen of the past, and few rifles demonstrate the creation of the modern sniper as the M40. The standard USMC sniper rifle for over 50 years, the M40 family of rifles marked the recognition of a need for purpose-built snipers weapon, as opposed to the modified service rifles used for the role in previous conflicts. Built to replicate the the M40A1 rifle as closely as possible, our rifle features a Remington 700 action with a modified serial number, a heavy match .308 TSE barrel with a 1/12″ twist; the same profile as the original, a fiberglass McMillan HTG stock, painted to replicate the original McMillan A1 stock, and a Leupold Mark4 10x scope. 
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