De Lisle Carbine Reproduction

One of our “what’s that?” project rifles for SHOT show this year, our reproduction De Lisle carbine certainly makes you look twice. Built to replicate the design and function of the historic De Lisle commando carbine built and used during WWII as close possible, the original De Lisles were built using No 1 Mk III service rifle actions re-barrelled to fire subsonic .45ACP from a modified 1911 magazine. The integral suppressor made this one of the most silent service weapons ever produced, and it proved to be very effective to a distance of 100m. However, to avoid the natural, expected issues surrounding silenced weapons in WA this example features a simulated faux silencer that looks the part but serves no other function.

Pricing from $4,995.00


With a limited production run of less than 150 rifles produced, and the natural problems associated with sound suppressors in WA, this is likely to be the closest any of us will ever come to handling a real De Lisle, and we’re looking forward to seeing how it shoots!


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