Custom Weatherby Vanguard in 300 PRC

Based around a Weatherby Vanguard action, this rifle was built with long range precision shooting in mind. Chambered in 300 PRC, we used a 1/8″ twist Lilja barrel for shooting Hornady 230gr A-Tip projectiles and topped it off with our own Beaton tunable muzzle brake. All of this is mounted on a McMillan A5 fiberglass stock with alloy pillars, which is an excellent choice for tactical and long-range shooting and definitely one of our favourites.


For optics, our client opted for a Nightforce ATACR 7-35 x 56 F1 scope; arguably one of the best rifle scopes for extreme long range and PRS shooting, mounted in a Spuhr scope mount.


To finish it off we opted for a black Cerakote finish, adding to the overall utility of the gun. Cerakote is a durable and attractive ceramic coating that is very popular with shooters and provides the best chemical and corrosion resistance on the market as well as protecting your firearm from knocks and scratches.


This rifle would have to be the ultimate no-compromise solution for long-range target shooting, long-range hunting and PRS-style match shooting and we are confident our client will love shooting with it.

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