Custom Weatherby MkV 7mm RUM

The Weatherby Mark V rifle was designed by Roy Weatherby because he kept blowing up Mauser rifles with his wildcat cartridges.  This large, strong action makes a brilliant platform to build long range rifles on, such as this 7mm RUM.


The Mark V rifle in this picture is fitted with a 28″ TSE barrel and one of our muzzle brakes.  The stock is a McMillan A5 design with a marble finish with several shades of blue in it.  This stock has a short length of pull – only 12.5″, so the owner can handle the rifle more comfortably.  Topped with a VX-3 6.5-20×50 in Leupold bases and rings, we took this rifle out to Billyfarm last month for a run.


This rifle was built on a client’s existing action, but at an estimate, this rifle would have cost approximately $5000 including parent action to build not including optics.

DSC1048 1200 bll


DSC1037 1200 bll DSC1056 1200 bll DSC1066 1200 blr
DSC1095 1200 bur DSC1039 1200 bll