Custom Weatherby Mark V in 28 Nosler

Roy Weatherby was always someone who pushed the boundaries.  Whether it was his ultra high velocity cartridges, the unique styling of his rifles or his theories on terminal bullet performance, Roy wasn’t afraid to venture into unexplored territory.


The Mark V rifle was designed and built to withstand the ultra high performance cartridges Roy Weatherby had invented.  It seems only fitting to chamber one in the new, high performance cartridges by Nosler.


The 28 Nosler cartridge has a similar overall length to the 7mm Rem Mag but uses the 404 Jefferies parent case, meaning more powder capacity and higher velocities are obtainable.  And because it doesn’t have a belt, the 28 Nosler will have better case life.  Nosler make a new 185 grain RDF projectile with an extremely high BC for flat shooting that pairs extremely well with this cartridge.


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