Custom Stolle 7×64 Brenneke


7×64 Brenneke is an old european deer cartridge, not dissimilar from the American 280 Remington. But when Zaine saw the case listed in the Lapua price list and looked over some designs, he knew that this case had long-range potential.


This rifle has the best of the best – Stolle Kodiak action; McMillan A5 stock; Lilja barrel. Loaded with superior quality Lapua brass to tight chamber tolerances, this rifle will have the same long range potential as a 300 Win Mag but fits more rounds in the magazine and has less recoil.


Topped with a Leupold Mark 4 scope in 8.5-25 magnification and LRP turret. The McMillan stock has an anschutz rail in the fore end and is finished in transition camo.

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