Custom Smith and Wesson 929 9mm Revolver

This handgun started life as a Smith and Wesson Performance Center Model 929, adorned with Jerry Miculek’s signature. It shot well, but it could always be better.


The barrel blank used for this build was a 42mm diameter blank from Lothar Walter.  The rifling in the barrel is of particular interest – most revolvers have barrel twists of 1/15″  up to 1/18″ but this blank is especially fast and has polygonal rifling – not something I’ve played with in a revolver.


The barrel blank was very large but, funnily enough, not big enough to utilise the factory cylinder lock which is fitted in the front of the yolk.  I was able to dovetail in a rib underneath the barrel to fix this issue. The Aristocrat rib was trenched into the barrel and a block machined to fit under the back sight to stop the rib bending.  We slabbed the barrel at an angle to create a lower centre-of-mass, making the gun sit much nicer in the hand.


The client took the gun away and polished all the internals.  The jewelling on the hammer and trigger reduces the friction and makes the gun smoother as the furrows in the surface holds oil.


A create collective project – our client is going to be using this gun to shoot WA1500.


The work that Zaine completed on this gun cost around $650 – $850

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