Beaton XBS 1201 Shotguns

We have converted the Adler lever action shotgun into a bolt action, straight pull, shotgun!


1. Choose an Adler – Walnut 20″, Walnut 28″, Synthetic 20″, Synthetic 28″, Rock Star, Tactical, or All Weather


2. We convert it to a ‘BEATON’ straight pull shotgun!


Pricing for any single barrel model (converted to a Beaton) is $1,255.00 inc GST


*Adler combo converted is a little extra


Please note, the action/receiver on these conversions are a matte silver (sandblast) finish.  If you would like a cerakoted / painted finish (black, tan, etc) there is a small extra cost involved.


These shotguns use the existing 5 round magazine tube, however magazine extensions can be requested (extra cost)

DSC1367 900x600
DSC1184 900x600 DSC1193 900x600 DSC1252 900x600
DSC1269 900x600 DSC1273 900x600 DSC1291 900x600
DSC1136 900x600 DSC1157 900x600
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