A5 Stiller TAC 300, 300 WIN MAG



Stiller TAC300 .300 WIN MAG Build


This is a complete custom build using the precision made Stiller TAC 300 action, match quality Lilja rifle barrel finished in black Cerakote with the Beaton Firearms Royale muzzle brake fitted.


This rifle features the A5 McMillan stock in Desert Ambush, this is the latest design with the flat, wide fore-end making it suitable for shooting off bags but still rounded on the sides so you can comfortably carry it.


This build has been fitted with a Wyatt Detachable 5-shot magazine system.



A5 McMillan Desert Ambush Stock, Thumbwheel adjustable cheek piece, aluminium bedding pillars.

Stiller Tac300 action
27” Lilja Match stainless steel Barrel

Beaton Firearms Royale Brake

Black Cerakote
Wyatt magazine system

Timney Trigger
Approximate Build Price: $6,650.00 (without scope)