Sauer 223 and Zeiss Terra Scope Oktoberfest Special

From the 16th Sept til the 3rd of October, Beaton Firearms are selling an exclusive Sauer 100 Classic .223 rifle and Zeiss Terra scope package. Priced at $1895 (normally $2645).

This is for a strictly limited time only!

Sauer 100 Classic .223:

Zeiss Terra Scope:×32-z-plex-reticle-hunting-turrets/

  Predator Hard Case Review

Choosing the correct hard case to protect your firearm whilst travelling is important. Trent reviews the Predator hard case, which comes in a single or double size.

Double case –

Single case –

Straight Pull Shotgun 1080

Beaton Firearms Straight Pull Bolt Action Shotgun.

While the action is not as fast as other designs of shotgun, such as lever action, pump action or semi automatic, it does allow for larger magazines to be fitted without contravening Western Australian firearm legislation.

We tested this shotgun by putting close to 100 rounds of various make and shot size. You will notice during the video that some ammunition recoils more than others. Some of the ammunition was older Winchester ammunition, one of which was a dud. It was stuck in the chamber, but a stiff pull on the handle pulled it out and ejected it from the firearm, allowing the next round to be fed in.

Any inquiries please contact us via our website…

  Gun Safe Review – Lokaway VS Huntpro

Nicole compares the Lokaway and Huntpro gun safes for sale at Beaton Firearms, which all comply with WA firearm storage legislation.

Available to purchase today at Beaton Firearms:


303 Throat Gauges

The throat section of the barrel is one of the most important components of the barrel for accuracy – if the throat of a barrel is worn it will be extremely hard to get that rifle (or pistol) to shoot.

The difference in value between an ex-service rifle with an excellent barrel and one with a worn barrel in huge. These gauges test for this and can prevent you buying a lemon.

Available for purchase from Beaton Firearms –

Wheeler FAT Wrench Review

Trent demonstrates the versatility of the Wheeler FAT Wrench

Zaine’s Top 3 Cleaning Solvents

Zaine talks about his top 3 firearms cleaning solvents.

Our Rimfire Ammo Range

Trent introduces the range of rimfire ammunition we have available at Beaton Firearms

Leupold VX-3i Scope Review 

The Leupold Mk4 has been replaced by the new VX-3i scope. Find out more in the review video.

Nirey Knife Sharpener –

A quick look at the Nirey knife sharpener.

Muzzle Brake – The ladies at Beaton Firearms tested a few rifles with and without muzzle brakes – the results are outstanding.
Beaton Firearms Storage Facility – If you are looking to have a firearm stored we have a brilliant new facility.

  • Transfer of ownership
  • Interstate transfer
  • Moving house
  • Holidays
  • FIFO workers
  • Deceased estate


Please contact us to book your firearm in for storage.

Firearm Storage FAQ – There are many questions regarding having firearms stored – this video answers some of the common questions.
Bolt Fluting – This video demonstrates a Tikka rifle that has had it’s bolt fluted.

Having the bolt fluted on your rifle will make it smoother an faster, as well as sexier.

338 Lapua Custom Rifle with McMillan stock
  Ruger Charger Takedown Pistol

ANZAC Weekend 2015

Opening Hours

GRS Video – Fit to Tikka Introduction on the magazine solution we have made for the long action Bolhorn stocks. The standard magazine we deliver wit the stocks is the 3.715″ single stack, if you remoove the spacer installed on the stock you will be able to use a 3.850″ magazine, this means you can use it with the longer cartidges using vld bullets such as Lapua scenar L in 220 grains.
GRS Bolthorn IntroIntroduction to the Bolthorn stock for the Tikka T3 long action inlet. This stock comes with one AI or AccurateMag magazine in 3.715″ length in eighter 30.06/6.5×55 or 7mm/300 Winchester magnum. You need to replace the original bolt stop with a GRS bolt stop (comes with the stock)



Zombie Hunter

This is our improved version of the M40A1 sniper rifle used by the US Marines in Vietnam.

It has a Stiller TAC300 action, a Lilja 5R barrel with Beaton Firearms’ contoured muzzle brake and a McMillan M40A1 stock with Olive, green and black marble colour and is finished off with a Leupold Mark 6 3-18×44 M5B2 rifle scope, all improvements over the original proven design.


If you missed it at the Perth SHOT Show come in store and pick it up.


Ol’ Big ‘Ole

This 450 Marlin chambered, 7 shot detachable magazine Weatherby Vanguard is a kick ass pig gun.


This action was trued up in store and fitted with a TSE .458 calibre barrel and dropped into a Boyds stock.  All metal surfaces were finished with Armourcote and the rifle fitted with a Leupold Hamr scope.


If you missed it at the recent SHOT Show be sure to come in to Beaton Firearms for a peek.

  Cleaning and Caring for your longarmThis video is a result of the combined efforts of Beaton Firearms and Hunt Catch Cook – the complete care and maintenance of your rifle.Complete with recommended cleaning equipment, detailed explanation of each stage in the cleaning process and cleaning do’s and don’t’s, this video is a great reference for any shooter!
VIP TRAININGBeaton Firearms trained two of it’s clients how to shoot their custom built Remington 308 Winchester rifles. Click HERE to watch the video!
  Lyman Case TrimmingThe Lyman case trimming system is an excellent and effective alternative to other pre-set case trimming systems on the market.Available at Beaton Firearms Now!