Stiller TAC 408 338 Cheytac

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Stiller Tac 408 in 338 Cheytac Full Custom Rifle


This rifle was built around the 338 Cheytac cartridge.  This cartridge is capable of propelling 300 grain projectiles at more than 3200 feet per second.  While it lacks the maximum range potential of the 375 Cheytac, the opportunities for reloading the 338 for a variety of shooting types makes it much more versatile.


We started with the Stiller Tac 408 action in 1.6″diameter.  This action is strong and stiff, making it perfect for an accurate shooting platform.  We mated this is a McMillan Super A5 stock with clamp bar cheek piece and their spacer system, giving the client the ability to change to length of pull and drop at comb depending of the type of shooting he is doing.


A stainless steel Total Solutions Engineering barrel was fitted to the action and finished off at 30″ in length.  A Beaton Firearms custom tank style muzzle brake was machined out of a stainless steel billet and all the metal work finished off with matte black Cerakote.


An Atlaxworx floorplate system was fitted, with modifications to both the stock and floorplate required to fit the new Timney bottom safety trigger, which is set to 2.3 pounds.


The marble finish in the stock is a mixture of dark green, black and white.  It’s hard to appreciate in pictures, but the black action makes the white and green in the stock really ‘pop’.


A showcase of the main features of the rifle can be seen by watching the below video.