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PARD NV007A Digital Clip-On Night Vision


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PARD NV007A Digital Clip-On Night Vision

The PARD NV007A attaches to the back of your existing day scope so its easy to move between rifles and the zero is retained.
Typical range 200-300m with the inbuilt IR – more with an optional external IR.

This is the new PARD NV007A Digital Clip On Night Vision Unit with the upgraded screen 1024 pixels vs the 800 of the previous model.

The in-built IR torch is very good just by itself so it’s a total complete unit ready to go.

Rapidly attaches to the rear of your normal day scope, transforming it into a night scope.

It can be quickly removed to return the day scope to normal and of course as your scope hasn’t changed zero, the zero is still the same.

The Pard NV007A Night Vision Unit – sets the benchmark against all others, with 1080P colour for daytime use and 1080P night time viewing, MP4 video recording, 18650 battery power and compact powerful illuminator.

Provides amazing performance and exceptional value for money!

Why we think this is a brilliant Night Vision Unit

The PARD NV007A Digital Night Vision Unit truly is a very good scope and at this kind of price point it’s amazing. It is very very convenient to move between rifles without the need of rails or mounts to do so.

If you want a mounted standalone scope, we suggest taking a look at the PARD NV008P


The NV007A night vision rifle unit features:

  • Digital Technology.
  • 1024 x 768 Sony OLED resolution screen.
  • 1080P HD Full colour day-time recording.
  • 1080P HD Night-time recording.
  • Record in MP4 format directly to internal Micro SD card (not included).
  • Frame rate 30 fps.
  • Compatible with OSX and Windows systems. The video footage can also be played back through the viewfinder.
  • Built-in 5w 850nm IR infrared illuminator with variable focus from spot to flood and three power settings – high/med/low.
  • Built-in 1mw laser, for use as a marker.
  • Up to 8 hours run time (depending on built-in IR usage).
  • Fits scope eye bell up to 48mm.
    • Comes with 1x45mm Collar, additional available, sizes are 42,45,48mm.
      • Measure your eye piece and select the closest one so your scope with fit, the box includes some tape to buffer the gap.
      • Collars sold separately (unit comes with 1 x 45mm)
  • Easy fit scope mount – Allows 1/2 a turn fitting of the unit, locks in place solid and fits in seconds.
  • Lightweight design (250g).
  • Recoil rated up to .308 calibre.
  • Powered by a single rechargeable flat top 18650 Flat Top battery (included)
    • Requires a Charger – Sold Separately
  • Standby mode turns eye display off to prevent spooking of quarry from screen glare.
  • Adjustable brightness and exposure control to allow greater detail during very low light conditions.
  • 16mm Focus-able lens.
  • 2 Year Warranty.

Note on Parallax

A parallax adjustable rifle scope is required to get the best image from the unit – Fixed Parallax scopes are typically set for 50-100m and their images will be best around this range; they still work.

The glass coatings on some scopes may reduce the performance also.

We have used Zeiss, Meopta and Nightforce without noticing any issues – our videos are taken using a Zeiss V4 and a Meopta Optika 6.

The downside of clip-ons is reduced eye relief.