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Blackbelt Commando Belt Package – Rifle

$140.00 $90.00

Safety belt, ammo belt, gun saddle, and firearm sling ALL-IN-ONE!


Blackbelt Commando Belt Package – Rifle Loops

Safety belt, ammo belt, gun saddle, and firearm sling ALL-IN-ONE!

Were: $140.00 each

Sale: $90 each

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Safety Belts – A first time ever safety belt, designed specifically for shooters that opt to shoot from the back of the utility. It’s a simple yet effective system where the belt is looped over a roll bar of any size and clipped on a buckle that wraps your waist. The safety belt is compatible only with heavy duty belt harness “Commando Ammo Belt”.

Shooting off the back of the ute is an extremely effective method to eradicate pests, but it also presents danger to the shooter, until now. Simply clip on and you’re safe to go. The Air craft grade buckle and straps are adjustable in length and feature a quick release system for quick dismount.

“How many times has the driver accelerated as your reloading or simply not holding on to the roll bar?”

Commando Ammo Belts – are designed as the only ammo belts that are compatible with the “Safety Belts”. The belts are equipped with metal vehicle seat belt grade push button buckles, intended to support excessive weight. The ammo storage feature is intended for the professional shooter who uses a lot of ammo per session. The Rifle loops stores 52 rounds, while the shot gun loops store 32 shells.

The Commando Ammo Belts have been designed to cater for right and left hand shooters. The belts have shoulder straps which are optional and easily removed if not in use. The shoulder straps are equipped with a buckle located at the top, that are specifically designed for the hands free Rifle Sling and Gun Saddle.

Gun Saddle – has been designed to distribute the weight of the firearm around the waist and shoulders, apposed to one shoulder. Firearms can be safely be carried in three different ways. A truly innovative way to carry your heavy firearms especially on those long treks.

1. Shot gun can be opened and laid down over the saddle

2. Shot gun and rifle can be in locked position and vertically rested by the side of the shooter ready for quick action fire, and for the active duck hunter or clay target shooters

3. Rifle can be cradled on it’s belly in the Gun Saddle, or positioned upright with the butt rested in the Gun Saddle while clipped on the top of the customized Gun Sling. This is a hands free system made for the hunters designed to relieve the shoulders and arms from the burden of their rifle, yet keeping the rifle in an easy accessible position.

Blackbelts Gun Sling – The Gun Sling not only can be used as a standard gun sling, it also features an additional stitched in buckle located at the top of the Sling, that allows a shooter to use the Gun Saddle and Blackbelts as one complete unit allowing the hands free system. This design is intended to convenient the hunter/shooter to prevent muscle fatigue. The hands free design also frees up the hands for safer climbing and negotiating difficult terrain.