Custom Design old

Everyone is different – why shoot a factory built firearm that everyone else uses?


Custom Weatherby in .30 Nosler

Trent’s Semi-Custom Weatherby in 6mm Punchy

Custom Stolle 7×64 Brenneke

Custom Stolle 6.5 Creedmoor

.375 Snipetac

Nae’s Semi-Custom Weatherby

Tikka T3X on MDT ESS chassis

M40A1 Reproduction

De Lisle Carbine Reproduction

Semi-Custom Weatherby in 6.5×55 Swedish

CZ .22 Squeezebore


 A5 Stiller TAC 300, 300 WIN MAG


MK13 300 WIN MAG


 Semi Custom MKV 338 Lapua


 M24A3 338 Lapua




Semi custom Tikka 30-06

 Tac408 button

 Custom Stiller TAC 408 in 338 Cheytac (8.6×78)

Custom Remington 7600

Beaton Firearms now offers custom engraving services, prices beginning at $35 inc GST for text or images.

We can engrave any metal surface, including your rifle barrels!

Contact the Team for more information !