50 BMG



With Western Australian Police Licensing Services confirming 50 BMG chambered rifles can be licensed in Western Australia, Beaton Firearms went all out and built a long range, full Custom 50 BMG.


Barnard manufacture brilliant actions, with many top competition shooters using their standard size actions.   They also manufacture the Barnard GP – the extra large 50 BMG specific action that this rifle was built around.  It features three forward locking lugs and a round bottom with multiple bedding screws.  Rather than use the standard bedding lug, we manufactured a Remington-style recoil lug for extra surface area and less pressure on the bedding system.


McMillan in the states manufacture the best fibreglass stocks in the world.  They actually went out of the way to inlet their TAC-50 stock, normally only available to suit the McMillan action, for this 50 BMG rifle.  It has a shock-absorbing recoil system in the butt, with the length of pull and cheek height adjustable for ultra comfort.  McMillan finished off this stock with Rhino Camouflage paint.


TSE is one of Australia’s best barrel manufacturers.  Their barrels will take the huge amount of wear from firing big heavy projectiles with lots of gun powder behind it because they make a quality product with the specifications we want for our custom rifles.  The barrel used in this build is a TSE stainless steel blank, .510 1/15″ twist that has been hand lapped to a fine finish to reduce copper buildup.  This is especially important with long range rifles – the ore consistent the internal finish the more consistent the pressure and velocity of the projectile, which results in better accuracy.


The muzzle brake is a custom Beaton Firearms design.  It has six large, horizontal ports that reduce muzzle lift and felt recoil.   The brake is screwed onto the barrel with a large thread and clamped at the correct position to prevent it moving under the huge recoil it must withstand.


If you would like more information on this rifle or a similar build, please email us at info@beatonfirearm.onpressidium.com